Summary of proposed changes to the Society of Labour Lawyers constitution

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The Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) executive committee is consulting on revisions to the SLL rules/constitution. Here is a summary of the key proposed changes:

  • Adding the upholding of equality and the furtherance of democratic socialism (rather than just socialism) to the objects of SLL.
  • Allowing people who are qualified in jurisdictions outside the UK to be members of SLL.
  • Giving the executive committee the power to expel members who have engaged in racist, sexist or similar behavior or of breach of Labour party rules or codes of conduct or have otherwise brought the Society into disrepute.
  • Requiring groups to have annuial general meetings that elect two co-chairs and a management committee. At least one of the co-chairs must be a woman.
  • Making the groups and branches of the SLL at any one time those identified as such on the SLL website. The proposed changes provide that there shall normally be Groups for Access to Justice, Rights at Work, Housing, Family and Child Care.
  • Providing that there may be Branches in any geographical area where there are sufficient numbers of interested members.
  • Allowing the executive committee to at its discretion define any group or branch as currently inactive and that neither co-chair shall be entitled to attend the executive committee.
  • Reducing the number of vice-chairs from one to two and removing the role of assistant secretary.
  • Providing that at least one of the chair and vice-chair shall be a woman and that at least one of the secretary and treasurer shall be a woman.
  • Reducing the number of “block” elected executive committee members from 7 to six and requiring at least 3 of these to be women.
  • Requiring at its first meeting in each year the executive to allocate roles among the six elected members and co-opted members including the roles of Membership Secretary, Women’s Secretary, Publications Coordinator and Website Editor.
  • Providing that the executive committee may appointment an advisory committee comprising such persons as the executive committee shall decide to assist SLL in respect of parliamentary liaison.
  • Allowing the returning officer to amend or waive electoral requirements provided in the constituition other than in respect of the number of officers and number of elected executive committee members and gender balance with the approval of the AGM.
  • Providing that SLL shall not affiliate to or engage with any Labour Party bodies other than the Socialist Societies Executive nor participate whether in respect of nomination or voting in any elections other than for the Socialist Society NEC seat and the Socialist Society Executive save that individual members of SLL may campaign to support Labour Party endorsed candidates in parliamentary elections.

You can download a blackine showing the proposed changes to the SLL rules/consitution here.

The consultation period is open until 10am on Friday 17th January 2020, and all comments and suggestions are welcome.

Please send any comments to

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