Re-standing for the Open Labour National Committee

Being a member of the Open Labour National Committee for the last year has been hugely fulfilling.

I have greatly enjoyed working with the brilliant Open Labour and National Committee members. 

Over the last year, I am proud that Open Labour has promoted transformative, Left, politics and shown that this can be done in an inclusive and pluralistic way.

I have enjoyed contributing to the work of Open Labour including:

  • Organising events on a progressive response to Covid, building a good jobs economy and reform of the police
  • Helping with the NEC campaigns which saw Ann Black and Alice Perry elected
  • Supporting the launch of climate change and justice member policy groups
  • Working to develop plans for an Open Labour organiser and for a Labour Party diversity charter
  • Developing and launching the Open Labour Activist AcadeI’m restanding for the Open Labour National Committee to keep working hard with others on the committee.

Open Labour has a vital role to play in the Labour Party. Labour needs a reboot with better policies and an improved culture to win a general election. Open Labour has a key role in developing the ideas Labour needs.

We desperately need a Labour government that when dealing with issues like Covid puts people, not markets, first. Instead of the Tory approach, we need to prioritise people’s health and the vulnerable.  Open Labour needs to be at the forefront of arguing for a kinder and more inclusive society.

I am restanding to continue contributing to Open Labour’s important work.

I would be grateful for your support.

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