The Government should make wearing face masks mandatory

Around the world, wearing a face mask in public has been made compulsory for everyone. This includes Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania states in the US, municipalities in France, Taiwan, Austria, the Czech Republic, Solvakia, Lombardy and parts of Germany. In many countries, wearing a mask is now recommended even if it isContinue reading “The Government should make wearing face masks mandatory”

Proposed amendments to the Coronavirus Bill

On Monday, Parliament will consider the Coronavirus Bill as fast-track legislation, which the government is using with the aim of having all stages of the Bill dealt with by the Commons and the Lords on Monday. The Bill deals with a wide range of issues relating to Coronavirus, from registering health professionals more easily toContinue reading “Proposed amendments to the Coronavirus Bill”

We need Keir Starmer as Labour leader so he can fight for our human rights

Gavin Millar QC, who gave Keir Starmer his first legal job as a pupil barrister, said about him “Keir’s purpose when he became a lawyer was not to make a fortune, or to build a glorious reputation…His purpose was the same as all of us in that generation who had been radicalised by Margaret Thatcher.Continue reading “We need Keir Starmer as Labour leader so he can fight for our human rights”

A plan for decency in the Labour Party

Labour prided itself as a party of anti-racism, feminism and decency but this reputation has been tarnished in recent year. We need to take decisive action to ensure that decency prevails in the Labour Party, that we foster a culture of inclusion and respect, and drive antisemites, islamophobes, racists, misogynists, harassers, trolls and their ilkContinue reading “A plan for decency in the Labour Party”

Summary of proposed changes to the Society of Labour Lawyers constitution

The Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) executive committee is consulting on revisions to the SLL rules/constitution. Here is a summary of the key proposed changes: Adding the upholding of equality and the furtherance of democratic socialism (rather than just socialism) to the objects of SLL. Allowing people who are qualified in jurisdictions outside the UKContinue reading “Summary of proposed changes to the Society of Labour Lawyers constitution”