When Boris Johnson came to my daughter’s hospital I gave him a piece of my mind – the NHS deserves better

I wrote an article for inews on my confrontation with Boris Johnson about my daughter’s treatment and the NHS and about the Rebuild Our Health Service campaign. You can read the article here.

Proposed changes to the Society of Labour Lawyers’ constitution

Following the unainmous passing of a motion I proposed at the 2018 Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) AGM, a working group was set up to carry out a review of SLL’s constitution, corporate governance, working processes and diversity. The work of the working group has so far focussed on reviewing the SLL rules/constitution. The motion stated:

This AGM resolves to request the SLL executive to set up a working group to review and set out recommendations and/or options for reforming SLL’s constitution, corporate governance and working processes and diversity. The working group should report to a general meeting or the next SLL AGM as appropriate with recommendations and/or options for reform.

The SLL executive committee is consulting on revisions to the SLL rules/constitution. You can download a blackine showing the proposed changes to the SLL rules/consitution here.

The consultation period is open until 10am on Friday 17th January 2020, and all comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send any communications to administrator@societyoflabourlawyers.org.uk.

Launching Rebuild Our Health Service

I have written an article in The Guardian launching a new campaign: Rebuild Our Health Service. Following my daughter’s experience at Whipps Crosss Hospital and my encouter with Boris Johnson there, I realised that there is a huge buildings crisis in the NHS. Essential repairs and replacement of buildings and equipment have not been done for years due to austerity.

You can find out more about the campaign and sign up to support it here.